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Im thinking if I should start another blog for personal stuff but it never does work because eventually the paranoia of being stalked or even writing something unintentionally offensive will overcome me and after a few months I will have it deleted.


How to overcome my problem and perhaps a change in location

We had another briefing on Viva Voce and turns out that I am supposed to convince my judges/teachers to “get” the artist’s intention. I don’t quite agree with that cause I don’t think that you should force your audience to believe in something. Everyone’s entitled to their own interpretation, right? Although if my intention is not clear, yes, it could be bad. From the audience point of view. If they don’t understand, there’s no meaning to it. But what if they find meaning of their own?! (Again, I could go back into the “What makes a good artwork and a good artist?” debate. Goodness that really makes my head spin sometimes.)

So anyway,

Since I am to convince my teachers, I had better be good talking during Viva Voce, shouldn’t I? So to overcome this problem, I will soon post the Inspiration post for my coursework, and try explaining it to friends first. And maybe my mom. Then even my grandfather (would it be awkward telling him all that? For goodnes sake if I am able to tell him without feeling awkward, this project had really helped me a lot communcation-wise with my grandpa.) The ultimate test should probably be my grandfather cause it concerns him and if I can tell him without feeling awkward, I should be ready to go for Viva Voce. I pray.

And a change in Location.

Remember in an earlier post I mentioned the SAC being a possible venue for the work? Given that I am going to have to convince the teachers, making the work as peaceful as possible would be the optimum choice. So I should check out the place soon.

Ok all set.  Seeya.


Well guess what it works! On Monday (23 Aug 2010) Nicole asked me about my coursework and I was so very tempted to say “Uhh…” but I didn’t! And told her and explained. Jac and Lisa were beside her so it was kinda of a three-man audience. Yay!

If there’s one thing,

I can’t talk to people about my coursework.

I was thinking about it on the bus yesterday and even continuously wrote out the entire could-be script for Viva Voce, but if there’s one thing, I can’t TALK to people about it.

I can let you read it, but I can’t explain to you on the spot (if there are people around).

It’s just so personal I can’t bring myself to explain it to you. But for some odd reason, I would probably be able to explain it to strangers (people who genuinely want to know about it), but I just find it difficult to say it to a group of friends. Yeargh. Which is why every time you ask me “So what are you doing?” I tend to say “Uhhhhh”, mumble (as usual) and end up not saying much about it.

Ahh what a headache.

Amongst other random things

This is an art-related rambling. If you are Mr Chang/Ms Yap who’s gonna mark the e-portfolio, please skip this post. 😀 Thank you.

Freshly Pressed!

has been proven to be a source for many… … things. In a good way. (  I am not good with words. Inspirations? Screw this intro. Bah. )

Haha. In fact so far most of my R and R articles come from WordPress’ homepage.

But anyway,

I came across this post.

Which I believe is what most of us should be doing. At least for coursework. At least well, for me.

(-point arrows point-)

So stop trying to hit (the jackpot idea) and HIT IT.

Which means that I should hurry and grab hold of my grandfather’s head to cast it soon before he goes to Malaysia again! Like he says, “我的头又不在你怎么做。”


and then i saw this.

Ok, so that large drippy hill of colourful clothes caught my eye. Sorry, I just had to share that Large Drippy Hill of  Colourful Clothes.

Nvm. Look at this:

Sometimes, I feel like we’re like in 1: 55- 2:30.

Esp 2:30.

Lastly, we also have the Old Spice Man.