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Keer. Ben. Lisa. (A pinhole project)

This was the pinhole project we did in 2009. I think my Snoopy pinhole camera got kinda… lost in transition. I last saw him in the Mac Lab (and I didn’t even bring him there).

For the project, I chose to create a story revolving around the male toilet sign. I can’t really remember how I started, but this is roughly how it went.

So here we go.

This is Keer. Keer has an imaginative mind. She likes to swim, and when she’s bored, sometimes she thinks of fishes. And water. And maybe, toilets.

Now we shall dive deep into her imaginative world and come to know of…


Ben works as the male toilet sign. He’s been at this job for many many, years. He’s kinda sick of it, but he can’t quite do anything about it. After all, he’s ever only been in front of the toilet.

One day, he decides that he’s really sick of his job and sets his mind to escaping. To adventure! And fun!

And he does! He manages to escape! Oh! The joy! He runs across the large fields, climbs over tall fences, and hangs dangerously at cliffs. What a whale of a time he is having!

Until one day during his adventures,

he meets a girl.

Named Lisa.

And falls,

in love,

with her.

Oh Lisa! Ben had never been confronted with such strong feelings for a person before. And so after much thought, he decides that he shall propose to her. Married they shall be!

But as the Gods would have it, Lisa didn’t want to marry a Stick Man. For goodness sake, he worked as a toilet sign.

Ben was devastated. He couldn’t handle it.

Hours later, he committed suicide.



Keer. Ben. Lisa. (Comments)

I started a new post to comment for the Keer. Ben. Lisa. post. Not because I want to add more posts! But I think if I continued to write comments after the entire story, it will lose the effect of the story (because you still go on to read my comments) and I might sound long-winded. :/ I linked it under Artworks but whatever. It’s an extension! :/ And I changed to the timing so that it will appear under the post.

So anyway, I liked the pinhole project. It’s cool that we are able to produce images mainly based on just the light exposure. Makes me think of how wondrous physics can actually be (oh no if Mrs Wong sees this, she will be sad.) because it feels very un-technology-like (I’m thinking more of digital stuff).

Ok enough ramblings.

1.Keer’s photo was a little dark on the left. And there are two fingerprints on it. Careless handling of the paper! tsk tsk. I did a stencil for the fish and went to spray paint it. I also did a cat stencil (spray painted too) which I had originally planned to do something about Ben being chased and attacked/ made friends with a cat at the school’s guardhouse. But it failed cause the cat was disproportionate for the corner I had wanted to use. Too small, I think. And I would have to create a large Ben to fit. And I still have both stencils!

I also like how my pinhole Snoopy can is small, which gives the fisheye effect for larger pieces of paper inserted.

2.I must confess, the second picture of Ben escaping was a photo taken with a camera, because the original one didn’t come out as ideally. The presentation was gonna be on soon, and I didn’t have enough time to take another ( I placed the pinhole atop the dustbin in front of the toilet for a pretty long time, and I don’t want to block the way) So I had to cheat with the camera. Which explains the sharp details. The Escaping Ben image was also spray painted on. “MALE” was markered.

3. The third picture is overexposed. Too much contrast. But you can still kinda make him out.

4. This picture wasn’t zoomed in enough, so you might not be able to see Lisa at the window. She’s a little uh, shadowy. :/ The proportions of Proposing Ben was actually life-sized so that he would be able to go with the  scale. I mean, 0.15m tall Ben proposing to (insert normal height here) Lisa (haha, Lisa.) wouldn’t be too impressive, would it? But I think I based him on myself, so he’s a little short for a guy. Plus I shortened him more still because my proportions could not fit into the 4 A3 sized papers, I think. Or 6.I gave him a flower too, because the details of a bouquet of flowers might be lost in pinhole photography. And a ring is too small to be seen.

And there’s this large flash of light at the bottom. It’s the sunlight (reflected from something, maybe. Or the grass). I had to take this from afar because the grass was unstable grounds.

5. Lastly, the last photo was a really clear pinhole (you can actually see the textures of the wall!). Unfortunately there aren’t much other details. And I think I could have added one of those “Crime Scene tapes”, to make it seem more like a suicide site. Plus those dotted silhouettes around Ben. Or do those come after they remove the body?

And Ben’s right arm is a bit long. Oops.

On the ending, I think it was rather abrupt. Si Hui suggested explaining what happened to the male toilet sign after he dies, so I decided to add on a bit more below.


After Ben’s death, Ministry of National Toilet Signs (MNTS) decided to open the Male Toilet Sign job to interested applicants.

Another guy, Tom, applied for the job and got it. A few months later, MNTS felt that the job was tiring and decided to offer some part time jobs. A couple of others came. This is the reason why we now have so many variations of toilet signs around the world now.


The Shoemaker’s Wife

A stop motion video done last year, with Jezamine, Natalie, Ming Zhen, Halynne, Meizhen, for a competition by the Spanish Embassy. Our video got nominated, but we didn’t win in the end. Hui Ling’s group did, though. 😀

Happy Birthday!

This was done in ICT in Sec 1. And I have pretty much given back whatever skills/knowledge that I have learnt about creating an animation back to the ICT teacher. Oops.

It’s a simple animation. Basically the storyline is of a boy writing a birthday card secretly (yours, actually). Then he discovers that you are watching him. He panics! Then decides that he might as well give you the card already. So, Happy Birthday!


This is a personal project done at home after last year’s EOYs. They are drawn with pencil on the wall below the window of my parent’s room. Which is around the size of.. 1m x the length of the room(3/4m?) At least, I’m planning to use the length of the room. The below portion (the most presentable one) is around 1/4 of the space, I think.

I was really bored. I was inspired by the lino cuts. I was also surprised that my mother actually let me draw on the wall. I feel like a kid. Because I tried to erase it the other day and none of the pencil marks would come off. I’ll try with water some other day.

After looking at this, I finally remember why I was drawing eyes during the time of the Personal Expression piece!!! I was practicing for the self-portrait prep works for the lino cut!

Basically so far it’s somewhat like a self-portrait too. But I used my shadow to trace myself out. It makes me look skinnier anyway (like HAHAHA). The sunglasses idea came from one of the lino cut preps. The scarf is in reference to my fave korean group, Big Bang. I drew the watch on because I feel that my watch is really important to me. I wear it like almost 24/7. That’s why my watches have to be water-resistant. Or they’ll die real quick. The eye/leaf outline above my self  is based on the cracks that formed on the wall. I got inspiration from one of the works in  the Laselle Grad Exhibition that I went to somewhere around that time. The swing/chrysanthemum bit beside the eye/leaf is kinda like a whimsical random idea.

But anyway, this is an uncompleted project. Although I had willed myself to complete it during that Dec Hols, I never did. And till today it remains that way. (Goodness I sound like im talking about some historical artifact.) I think I’ll continue on it after EOYS. I will!!!

The Clothes Peg Frame

Size: 11cm x 13 cm x 7 cm

Medium: Wooden clothespeg, glue, dried flowers, badge.

I did this some time ago, for the fun of it. I had found some leftover wooden clothes pegs from a primary school project years ago. I like handicrafts (another reason why I chose to do installation for coursework.) The dried flowers came from a bunch in the kitchen that had been there for years and years. The badge, I added to make it more complete. I forgot to measure the dimensions for a photograph, and it turned out that it was too small. So I ended up having to cut the photo. I like the photo in it. It’s a picture of me, my brother and my cousin when we were in Australia. Good days, when we were such happy kids. Haha.

Ninja Barcode comic

Title: Ninja

Medium: Marker, Ink

Size: A3

Date: 2008

A comic, I did, in 2008. We were supposed to use bar codes to embed them into the comic. And we could only use black and red. Our teacher also asked us to bring along a manga book for reference if you had one, so I brought along one of my Pokemon books (yes, I used to be so into those!) It was the first (and) only time I tried to do manga/ a full-page comic. Yi Jing and Amanda might cringe at these. Hahaha. The storyline’s pretty lame too. Can’t remember how I thought of it. And the third panel is seriously too white.

Grandpa. (teehee!)


Title: Grandpa

Medium: Wire, Plaster,Cellopane, Lightbulbs, Half-Globe Cup Lids, Cables.

Size: 4m x 2m x 1m (OR SMTH LIKE THAT)

Date: 2010



This was the proposed arrangement. Now that I look at it, it’s a bit different. But I think it’s better the way it is now.

Here’s how it looks like (photospam!):

They look better without the flood lights, btw (last few photos).

Singapore Skyline

Title: Marina Barrage’s

Medium: Purple Ink

Size: 3/4 A4 size

Date: T3W9

A sketch of Singapore’s Skyline done at the Marina Barrage. Singapore Flyer is not circular.


Title: Untitled

Medium: Poster Colour

Size: A3

Date: 10/10/08

This was an exercise mainly on perspective. We had to cut out people from magazines to fill up the rooms that we had chosen (there were a few different ones) and place them at appropriate places (to fit the perspective and stuff). It took quite a while cause it’s difficult to get people at the right angle/size/pose. Then we also had to paint the room in a single colour with varying tones.

(Refer to the painting now, not picture)

I like the Japanese girl because I think she turned out the best out of all the other people. Hiphop guy seems alright too. The guy in the middle could have more shadings on his shirt. Other than that, I also liked how I did the background. And the painting in the corridor. It’s odd to paint a painting in your painting. Esp when you’re not exactly copying it detailedly, but just painting it because it’s in the picture and at the same time you have to make sure that it looks like the original. (You get what I mean?)

Overall it could have seemed like they were at an art gallery. Except that the carpet and sofa makes it much more homey looking. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense for Hip Hop Guy to be breakdancing in the cramped living room. But I liked him and he fitted at that part, and filled up space, so. There he is. Without him it would seem awkward for the other four. Like they are 4 friends stuck in someone’s house but they’re kinda distant. Try covering Hip Hop Guy. Now Japanese Girl looks like she secretly likes Green Shirt Guy. And Awkward Black Shirt Guy looks like he likes the Girl Going Down the Stairs. Talk about watching too much Kdrama.

I didn’t draw in Rocker Guy (at the top) in the end cause he was a little too big to fit in there, although he’s at the right perspective. :/