Monthly Archives: April 2012

What a Friday with so many unexpected turns today!

Clocked in a personal best for 2.4 today,it’s mind-blowing to have concrete proof on your hands showing how much we have improved in less than a year. Coach is always saying that we’re now fit and now it shows on black-and-white proof! All those the initial omg-is-the-guy-crazy uphills, the 7-more-to-go,-7-more-to-go stairs, the 3x3s, the insane please-can-you-please-stop-it-now Supermans has really paid off!! I honestly never thought that I’d ever get an A-timing for 2.4, but here we are! This could be the fittest I would ever be in my life, but it sure proved to me that hard work and perseverance (with all the mind psycho-I-can-do-this-I’ve-done-worse-ing) does indeed pay off. I’M SO PROUD OF US ALL.

Met Nerice on the way to SRC, and ended up helping her to spray paint banners. Then Meizhen and Lisa H came along. I really enjoyed doing the works- playing with spray paint and using discarded boards as stencils, interpreting the children’s drawings and translating them onto the banners. Just having the chance to work my imagination freely helped to make my day. (: