I know it’s past the SIA dateline but

I feel the need to post. and since it’s past the dateline, this is gonna be part of Ramblings.

I just read Keer’s post, and read the comments too.  I feel like I’ve just discovered this hidden… Magical Truth of How Grandchildren Feel About Their Grandparents under a rock.

I never knew there were that many people who felt so detached and distanced from their grandparents too. I only knew one other friend who felt the same way when I explained my idea to her. And after reading the comments on Keer’s post, it’s seriously like Whoa. Before that I thought that only I had this problem , so it’s really interesting how common it actually is. Maybe that’s why there was a period of time last year ( i think) where there were so many articles raising awareness about the elderly being sent to old folks’ homes and their children being unwilling to take care of them.

Maybe the a Grandparents And Grandchildren Day should be set up (yes another holiday!) to promote awareness and improve relationship between both parties.


One thought on “I know it’s past the SIA dateline but

  1. gainnomoss says:

    haha the way you described it is so cute. see your coursework is so meaningful

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