The Clothes Peg Frame

Size: 11cm x 13 cm x 7 cm

Medium: Wooden clothespeg, glue, dried flowers, badge.

I did this some time ago, for the fun of it. I had found some leftover wooden clothes pegs from a primary school project years ago. I like handicrafts (another reason why I chose to do installation for coursework.) The dried flowers came from a bunch in the kitchen that had been there for years and years. The badge, I added to make it more complete. I forgot to measure the dimensions for a photograph, and it turned out that it was too small. So I ended up having to cut the photo. I like the photo in it. It’s a picture of me, my brother and my cousin when we were in Australia. Good days, when we were such happy kids. Haha.


6 thoughts on “The Clothes Peg Frame

  1. starlitsk9 says:

    Hi jingting, you make really awesome, pretty frames((: I always come here and leave inspired after seeing your creativity shine through the most unexpected places, it’s amazing! Thankyou ahaha for making really cool artworks and leaving those musings!

  2. JackiE says:

    Wow you really like to do this kind of thing huh. I remember the present you gave to Hui Shan too. I think you’re really good at coming up with very original albeit unconventional ideas (:

  3. hUiic says:

    i think the idea of a clothespeg photoframe is romantic! πŸ˜€ clothespegs are like really small things in life and somehow seems insignificant. but isnt it all these small little bits that makes up our lives? πŸ˜€ happy sad big or small events.

    Using such a phtoframe to frame up photographs of family/friends/pets/ memento/ photographs of memory is really interesting!

    I think its a really good idea. makes me swoons. ROMANTIC! ^^

    • hUiic says:

      side-note! i thik its a well-done handicraft πŸ˜€

      sigh. i want to do handicrafts after eoys. just cant find time to do them. >< the mood as well… jiayou for eoys ^^

  4. […] first attempt at oil painting was screwed up all the way.. heehee xD Well done ^^ Reply Comment #7 […]

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