This is a personal project done at home after last year’s EOYs. They are drawn with pencil on the wall below the window of my parent’s room. Which is around the size of.. 1m x the length of the room(3/4m?) At least, I’m planning to use the length of the room. The below portion (the most presentable one) is around 1/4 of the space, I think.

I was really bored. I was inspired by the lino cuts. I was also surprised that my mother actually let me draw on the wall. I feel like a kid. Because I tried to erase it the other day and none of the pencil marks would come off. I’ll try with water some other day.

After looking at this, I finally remember why I was drawing eyes during the time of the Personal Expression piece!!! I was practicing for the self-portrait prep works for the lino cut!

Basically so far it’s somewhat like a self-portrait too. But I used my shadow to trace myself out. It makes me look skinnier anyway (like HAHAHA). The sunglasses idea came from one of the lino cut preps. The scarf is in reference to my fave korean group, Big Bang. I drew the watch on because I feel that my watch is really important to me. I wear it like almost 24/7. That’s why my watches have to be water-resistant. Or they’ll die real quick. The eye/leaf outline above my self  is based on the cracks that formed on the wall. I got inspiration from one of the works in  the Laselle Grad Exhibition that I went to somewhere around that time. The swing/chrysanthemum bit beside the eye/leaf is kinda like a whimsical random idea.

But anyway, this is an uncompleted project. Although I had willed myself to complete it during that Dec Hols, I never did. And till today it remains that way. (Goodness I sound like im talking about some historical artifact.) I think I’ll continue on it after EOYS. I will!!!


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