Keer. Ben. Lisa. (A pinhole project)

This was the pinhole project we did in 2009. I think my Snoopy pinhole camera got kinda… lost in transition. I last saw him in the Mac Lab (and I didn’t even bring him there).

For the project, I chose to create a story revolving around the male toilet sign. I can’t really remember how I started, but this is roughly how it went.

So here we go.

This is Keer. Keer has an imaginative mind. She likes to swim, and when she’s bored, sometimes she thinks of fishes. And water. And maybe, toilets.

Now we shall dive deep into her imaginative world and come to know of…


Ben works as the male toilet sign. He’s been at this job for many many, years. He’s kinda sick of it, but he can’t quite do anything about it. After all, he’s ever only been in front of the toilet.

One day, he decides that he’s really sick of his job and sets his mind to escaping. To adventure! And fun!

And he does! He manages to escape! Oh! The joy! He runs across the large fields, climbs over tall fences, and hangs dangerously at cliffs. What a whale of a time he is having!

Until one day during his adventures,

he meets a girl.

Named Lisa.

And falls,

in love,

with her.

Oh Lisa! Ben had never been confronted with such strong feelings for a person before. And so after much thought, he decides that he shall propose to her. Married they shall be!

But as the Gods would have it, Lisa didn’t want to marry a Stick Man. For goodness sake, he worked as a toilet sign.

Ben was devastated. He couldn’t handle it.

Hours later, he committed suicide.



11 thoughts on “Keer. Ben. Lisa. (A pinhole project)

  1. chicapod says:

    This is really hilarious!!!!!!!!!
    I think it is really cool to integrate a story into your artwork, especially in this form of pinhole photographs.
    The combination of art with language is a powerful tool. This idea which you have used gives a great impact on the viewers, allowing one to enjoy the story while admiring your art at the same time, and getting more engaged by the minute(especially when you know all the characters personally in the story)
    So good work!:D
    However, I think that you could have added in colours to highlight the more important parts of the photograph, instead of the black and white colour scheme throughout. This will increase the aesthetic quality of the photographs, allowing one to be more captivated by contrasting colours of the photo. For example, you might want to colour Ben in a bright, distinct shade to make him more prominent in each of the photos, since his is the main character.
    Overall, this is an entertaining and wonderful piece of art that I really enjoy.

  2. leesihui says:


    i liked the idea of using the toilet sign guy as the main character!! it’s very creative. (and your sense of humor helped) we use the toilet everyday, but we usually don’t notice the sign… so it’s really unique for you to personify the toilet sign and tell his story ๐Ÿ˜€ if i was the toilet sign i would want to escape too!

    i was thinking maybe you can further develop the story if you had time! ๐Ÿ™‚ it would be really interesting. or at least tell us what happened to the role of the toilet sign after Ben died. XD


    • Haha good point! Actually I think I ended really abruptly. And I never did think about what happened to the toilet sign after he died.
      Let’s just say that another guy, named Tom, applied for the job and got it. It’s a bit tiring, so they decided to to offer some part time jobs. A couple of others came. That’s why we now have so many variations of toilet signs around the world now.

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  4. gainnomoss says:

    RIP Ben you will be thoroughly missed. I come to offer my sincere condolences .
    Cruel Lisa. I had really liked that photo she posed in when Ben proposes to her

  5. jezamine. says:

    I love ke er’s hair.
    and how you experimented with cool signs

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  7. hUiic says:

    This is really creative ^^ its hilarious as well. stickman ๐Ÿ˜€ Its really interesting how you stringed this storyline using pinhole photography. Its interesting how Ben works as a toilet sign ๐Ÿ˜€ ghaaha

    Maybe you could have considered having a sequel or another episode of Ben, who works as a toilet sign. Maybe you can let the viewers get to know Ben better. Throw in a character, a personality for Ben. I think its good for a comic book! ๐Ÿ˜€ a comic book made of pinhole photography! and a storyline that ensues in the series of photographs ๐Ÿ™‚

    Overall, i think that its an interesting idea and photographs are filled with aesthetic quality. i think that its brilliant ๐Ÿ˜€ ^^

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  9. Asilleen says:

    I LOVE YOU BEN~~~~

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