This is one of the artists around Deviantart that I watch.

If You Love Them Set Them Free by `jasinski on deviantART

Traditional Frequency by `jasinski on deviantART

I like his painting style, that isn’t photo realistic but kinda graphical. And his backgrounds are very painterly, with short, thick brushstrokes. Very Impressionistic, which gives me the “In-the-moment” feel.

Progress on the Horizon by `jasinski on deviantART

There are a series of paintings that are based on the subject matter of robots. Now I remember, this is where I got the inspiration for the robot in my lino cut. I like how he portrays the robot in a really cute, almost endearing manner, which contrasts the destructive activity they seem to be doing. There’s a lot of irony in it. I think I like ironic stuff cause they make have a lot of mixed feeling, so that I have to think more about it in order to decide on how I feel about it.

Home is Where the Heart Is by `jasinski on deviantART

He also uses bright colours that are very attractive, and the people depicted in his paintings often have his sort of vague feel, which I like. Their mouths are never widely opened in that forceful, expressive way that makes the paintings kind of peaceful and soothing. Like in the above painting, the two people are just looking at each other with a knowing smile on their lips. It’s a sweet image, and sometimes it makes you smile.

He inspires me to make me want to do things that can make others smile. You have this sense of satisfaction when you can make others happy. So that’s why I like whimsical, happy things (though Jasinski’s themes don’t exactly revolve around that.)

Go to his deviantart! It’s worth a look around. 🙂


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