Grandpa. (teehee!)


Title: Grandpa

Medium: Wire, Plaster,Cellopane, Lightbulbs, Half-Globe Cup Lids, Cables.

Size: 4m x 2m x 1m (OR SMTH LIKE THAT)

Date: 2010



This was the proposed arrangement. Now that I look at it, it’s a bit different. But I think it’s better the way it is now.

Here’s how it looks like (photospam!):

They look better without the flood lights, btw (last few photos).


8 thoughts on “Grandpa. (teehee!)

  1. nicole94 says:

    Hi Jing! I like the way you chose to structure your installation like this, even though it wasn’t according to the plan (the initial idea was to place the bubble-nets around a column right? i think!). The different heights bring out the different levels of a kind of degeneration through the enlargement of the holes on the head. For me your work creates a kind of growing intensity, a kind of pattern that you want to show. I like it because of its dimensionality (diff. levels) and how you made use of almost all the possible materials to show the increasing pattern (the colour intensity of blue, and heights and netting). I guess it could be better if you used a different material for the head as well? Maybe that would bring the dimensionality and intensity out better. (And perhaps if you get to install this large-scale, the wires don’t have to be so thick because the thick white wires kind of take away some meaning from your work, at least for me, heh!)

  2. Hey thanks. I did think about the white wires. Unfortunately, the thickness of the wire I cannot change, so perhaps painting them a colour might be a better option. However, there will be the issue of what colour to paint. I don’t want them to stand out too much. I did think of black, but it might turn out a little weird. Grey’s the most unnoticeable colour of all, but the shade of grey that is the most unnoticeable is difficult to judge. So I thought that perhaps leaving them white might be a good idea because it goes with the white theme of the heads. But like Jac said, they look like they are dangling instead of floating now. :/ I’m going to straighten the wires tmr to see how they turn out, because currently the loose wires look a bit messy and distracting.

    Mmm, good suggestion about using different materials for the heads. But using too different a material might be too distracting, and the heads might look too disconnected from each other altogether. My purpose is to get the viewer to see it as a process, so the different materials may be too jarring. But it’s a thought. 🙂

    And no, the initial idea wasn’t to put it around the column! (i’ve put in the initial composition at the top)Haha.

    Again, thanks for your comment, Nic. :)))

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  4. Hey Jingting!
    i like your installation, the metal cages/ bubbles and the white busts are really haunting. Actually, for th ewires bit, I thought that the wires actually gives your installation an added quality. When I look at your work, the white wires creates this illusion that the spheres are hanging off the white wires because the metal wires can’t be seen. And because the white wires are not very straight, there is this sense of “suspended in the moment”, like it’s captured in motion. You know what I mean?
    The colours chosen are good as well.
    But I think there’s kind of a problem with the lights, because now, the ray is very dispersed so the patches just look like patches of lit cellophane. It would be cooler if you got a light with more concentrated and directed light rays, so the light actually comes out of the whole, breaking through the cellopahne, in a very intentional and directional manner.

    • Ahh I just straightened the wires. Like 10 mins ago. It looks rigid. I can’t decide if I should leave them loose or striaght now. -.- Either it’ll look too messy or too uptight. Didn’t think that the white wires would actually affect the work so much. :/

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  6. hUiic says:

    Hi jt! 😀

    I see grandpa! ^^
    You want to try installing a strong spotlight that shines top down through all the sculptures?

    I think that its interesting for you to play around with lighting on the castings. I thik thats its really pretty haunting, especially upclose looking at the sculpture. You see the expression of the sculpture. And the growing holes increasing in size in the sculptures as they ascend.

    The features of the castings looks old. it reminds me of old people, seniors. And how they are caged in the metal cages that you made is really pretty haunting. Makes me think of how the society today are treating the elderly people.

    I think that the wires messy or straight are ok. 😀 its your sculpture that stands out from the rest. 😀
    goodwork! i like it! ^^ ^^ ^^

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