The contemplating foetus

Title: Contemplate.

Medium: Acrylic

Size: A3

Date: 2009 Term 4


Below are my prep works.

I don’t like the painting of the foetus. It looks muddy. The balls too. I like the clown fish though.

I like the orange/red jellyfish best. The dolphin foetus too.

This is my Sec 3 EOY Drawing and Painting paper. I chose the theme of Contemplation. I was wondering about whether foetuses contemplate. Jellyfish were used because foetuses seem to be swimming underwater, and the jellyfish reminded me of the translucent amniotic sacs.

I don’t really like the final actually. I could have added more jellyfish around to surround the foetus, and make the foetus in a position more like The Thinker (one of my inspirations) Such that it’s more obvious that the work is about Contemplation. Not Blissful Underwater Foetus. :/

But I like how I did the amniotic sac though. I was inspired by Austrain artist Friedenreich Hundertwasser. I used diluted layers of white acrylic over the first layers to create a translucent layer.


One thought on “The contemplating foetus

  1. […] was an interesting activity. I learnt a new technique which I later applied to my Sec 3 EOYs. Quite cool, actually. I don’t want to dwell to long on the goods and bads, so I’m just […]

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