Title: Untitled

Medium: Poster Colour

Size: A3

Date: 10/10/08

This was an exercise mainly on perspective. We had to cut out people from magazines to fill up the rooms that we had chosen (there were a few different ones) and place them at appropriate places (to fit the perspective and stuff). It took quite a while cause it’s difficult to get people at the right angle/size/pose. Then we also had to paint the room in a single colour with varying tones.

(Refer to the painting now, not picture)

I like the Japanese girl because I think she turned out the best out of all the other people. Hiphop guy seems alright too. The guy in the middle could have more shadings on his shirt. Other than that, I also liked how I did the background. And the painting in the corridor. It’s odd to paint a painting in your painting. Esp when you’re not exactly copying it detailedly, but just painting it because it’s in the picture and at the same time you have to make sure that it looks like the original. (You get what I mean?)

Overall it could have seemed like they were at an art gallery. Except that the carpet and sofa makes it much more homey looking. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense for Hip Hop Guy to be breakdancing in the cramped living room. But I liked him and he fitted at that part, and filled up space, so. There he is. Without him it would seem awkward for the other four. Like they are 4 friends stuck in someone’s house but they’re kinda distant. Try covering Hip Hop Guy. Now Japanese Girl looks like she secretly likes Green Shirt Guy. And Awkward Black Shirt Guy looks like he likes the Girl Going Down the Stairs. Talk about watching too much Kdrama.

I didn’t draw in Rocker Guy (at the top) in the end cause he was a little too big to fit in there, although he’s at the right perspective. :/


5 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. clockdumb says:


    Personally, I like the original cut-and-paste picture better, maybe because the color of the hallway is more natural, and the juxtaposition of random people actually seem to be in harmony, and the people look like they are somewhat related.

    The painting of your hallway is done very neatly, with a lot of toning and rendering. But I feel that you could’ve paid equal attention to the details of the human figures. Perhaps it would have been better if the painting looked photo-realistic. But if that is hard to achieve, I think painting it more like a graphic design would’ve also been a good idea.

    Your choice of changing the colors drastically from the original picture has also given your painting a new feeling. The bright colors attracts peoples’ attention, bring focus to the painting. However, I prefer the more monochrome white color of the original picture. It looks more like a studio work, and I like that clean look. The white also brings out the bright colors of the clothes of the people, which bring focus to them.

    Overall, I think you have done very well in terms of choosing the people of correct size for a perspective drawing, but maybe you could work on the expressing of it (in painting) more.

    • Hey.
      Yeah, that’s true. I’m surprised that someone actually chose to comment on this, given that this isn’t much of an awesome painting. I simplified the people a lot (very obvious, esp with the faceless figures) because I felt it was too tedious (lazy!). I think one of the few details that I actually bothered with for the people was the hip hop guy’s trousers, which is relatively tiny. I don’t think I painted the background really well, esp the plant pot on the left (I rmbr that it was one of the last parts that I rushed through).
      Thanks for your comment, anyway. 🙂

  2. clockdumb says:

    Yah, maybe I should’ve commented on some work that you have spent more effort in. ahahah! Work hard, I know you have loads or potential!! Let’s go out painting and improve ourselves, so that we won’t feel embarrassed by our paintings anymore—!!!!

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