Title: Parkour

Medium: Water Colour

Size: A3

Date: 2009. before June

Another assignment done in Nafa last year. Perhaps around the time I was designing the class tee, because the lamp posts are similar to the ones I used in the class tee (which I saw near my grandparents’ place). I forgot the theme. But I do remember taking the reference picture from a magazine (Time?) that was featuring an article on the uprising sport of parkour.

I like how the guy seems to be frozen in time. If my memory does not fail me, initially I wanted to put the guy about to dive into a swimming pool. I wanted to catch they guy in a frozen moment, like midway of something critical, to create this sense of apprehension like something bad is about to happen but you can’t do anything about it.

But in the end I didn’t put in the swimming pool because I didn’t have enough time. So he just looks like he’s gonna crash head on onto the ground. But he will not! (Because in the photo the guy was really that close to the ground.) And overall, he looks more peaceful like he’s levitating midair. Or else. He’s simply a masochist who wants to crash head on onto the ground and break his neck. Ouch.

And there is this huge dripping trial of blue watercolour paint running down on the right. The shadows are also a bit too hard, especially that of the turquoise bar. It looks like this weird extension of the bar instead.

But I do like how the leaves of the trees are painted, as well as the sky. Though I could use with more variations of blue.


4 thoughts on “Parkour

  1. Hey Jing! I really like this piece because i think the use of water color as the medium and the background environment are an interesting contrast with the subject matter that you’re depicting. Parkour usually involves a lot of movement and speed, but in your painting i could feel a sense of stillness and peace, which is fascinating because you have transformed the sport into a whole new concept, almost like meditating. Also, i like your brushwork for the tree leaves, but consider using the same technique for the bushes, perhaps some clouds in the sky and dots in the foreground, then the entire picture would seem to have better coherence and wholeness.

  2. JackiE says:

    (: i really liked this too. May be it’s because i’m really bad at water colour so i’m envious of how well you paint it. But it’s mostly because it seems to capture a very unique moment. You know, like in photography some pictures can’t be taken twice, similarly the kind of composition i like. Seems a little surrealistic too, but perhaps not enough detail?

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