Of Chairs and Tables.

Title: Chairs and Tables

Medium: Poster Paint, Pencil

Size: A3

Date: 27/23/2008

This is an exercise for line work. Mr Gan had arranged this mass of upturned tables and chairs and we were supposed to draw the outline of the entire thing. I think Mr Gan really gave us a lot of practices because I (finally) found my file of A3 works and found a lot of assignments that were related to linework and stuff. (Think Pieta, Blind Shoe Drawing (hahaha!) and the Super Enlarged drawing etc.)

I like this because it’s minimalistic. And I like the shade of orange produced (the photo does not do it justice. It’s a slightly lighter shade of orange) I tried to make it brighter
(below)  in photoshop but the contrast didn’t work out too well. Nevermind. The main point’s that it’s closer to the shade of orange that I wanted to show you.

The current position of the Mass of Chairs and Tables works because it’s not centralised and it adds a bit to the chaos. Meanwhile, the solid orange contrasts the chaos, so there’s almost a sense of stillness.

I can’t remember if we were even supposed to paint the background. I vaguely remember wanting (maybe needing) to do so but didn’t have a lot of time to painstakingly shade it so i just made the shade of orange and used a bigger brush to slather it on. Whee. It worked out better anyway.

Ha. My brother just saw this painting and he was like, “correction tape?” -.-


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