A painting, and Hundertwasser

Title: Singapore Landmarks

Medium: Acrylic

Size: A3

Date: 07/02/09

We had been tasked to do a painting learning the techniques of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (more on him later). We had to do a painting of 12  buildings/landmarks/places of interest in Singapore. We were taught to use diluted layers of acrylic over the original solid layers of acrylic to create layers and layers of translucent colours. Also, we had to choose a base colour for the paper and use analogous colours (colours that are neighbouring each other on the colour wheel). These affected the overall turnout of the painting.

I took a neon green colour paper. Frankly, I hate neon colours. They blind my eyes (ok exaggerating) and are annoying. But unfortunately I had chosen to use orange-red, orange, yellow and yellow-green, and the other colours (of the colour paper) were dull/dark. Hence I ended up with the neon green.

This was an interesting activity. I learnt a new technique which I later applied to my Sec 3 EOYs. Quite cool, actually. I don’t want to dwell to long on the goods and bads, so I’m just gonna go to Hundertwasser himself.

Blobs Grow in Beloved Gardens, 1975

This is one of his paintings. The translucent areas can help to change the tints and tones of the overall painting. And it also looks like a stained glass piece. I think that’s due to the bright yellows (the background?)  and translucent whites on the middle stripes of greens and reds and more. According to Wikipedia, Hundertwasser’s common themes utilised bright colours, organic forms, and the idea of humans being part of nature. He rejects straight lines, and calls them the “devil’s tools” When I read the part about him rejecting straight lines, I laughed right out loud cause he’s the total opposite of Piet Mondrian. If these two ever met, they’d probably have been at loggerheads with each other.

But Hundertwasser was more widely known for his architectural designs rather than his paintings. the designs uses irregular forms and incorporated natural features of the landscape.

I think it’s quite beautiful. We don’t get to see buildings like this in Singapore. If we had such buildings, it would be really fun and makes the area much more aesthetically appealing. So far the only buildings that I can think of that are really cool and different from the normal buildings we have in Singapore would be Laselle and SOTA. Ahh if only we could study in such campuses! x) But it wouldn’t make sense if our school really became like that.


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