Personal Expression

Title: Personal Expression

Medium: Acrylic

Size: A3

Date: 3rd January 2009

It was a diagnostic test to test for our painting and colour scheme skills and stuff like that.

The theme was Personal Expression and we were to:

“-Create and develop an expressive painting from a small piece of picture given by the teacher.

– Exploring imaginative viewpoints.

-Learning the acrylic painting skills and colour theory . Introduce tint/tone/shade/colour combinations/complementary hue/ achromatic hue/ harmony of analogy”

The little piece of a picture is atop the green haired boy’s head. (That shiny, weird little detailed thing). From there, I expanded the idea to a semi-watermelon poked through a stick like a fishball, and the green haired boy’s hair. A lot of inspiration came from Jimmy Liao . Like the hibiscus, the shower bathtub, and the guy sitting on the railing (top left hand corner). Actually the entire painting comprises of  a lot of random ideas. I made it kind of surrealistic because it makes it a whole lot more interesting and imaginative. The ipod and speaker came from my wanting an ipod during that time. The blue specs are actually my current blue specs. The eyeball was added to make it more interesting. And also because during that time I had been practising drawing eyeballs (I do not remember why. Something to do with AEP but I don’t recall what). However the capillaries came out rather thick and rough. The sign, again probably came from one of those that I saw around my grandparents house. (I’d bet that I was working on the 304 class tee around this time). The small red umbrella idea came from this little umbrella that we had been given by our kindergarten when I was young. I can’t quite remember where the road idea came from, but it had to do with something I was doing around that period of time.

I like the bendy road, and hibiscus and the bird in a bathtub behind a shower curtain. Notice that the shower curtain’s bar extends into a street lamp. The bird is kinda playful, peering out of the shower curtain, with a half-smile playing on his uh, beak.

I spent some time trying to blend the green and blue of the shower curtain, while at the same time also trying to put in the lights and shadows. It came out pretty well, that’s why I like it. Hee.

As for the background, my composition is kinda all over the place, so I couldn’t decide on a single colour. That’s why I ended up making the background multi coloured. I believe I was also attempting to create more textures in the background by using thicker paint.


One thought on “Personal Expression

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