The Inverted Dog! (painting)

Wanna see some magic?

Take out your handphone camera and set it to negative and hover it over the below image. Hahaha.

Title: Inverted Dog

Medium: Water Colour

Size: A3

This was done in Nafa in 2008.

I really like it because it’s really cool. It’s a negative painting of a Today advertisement (right). It was challenging because you had to sketch it our mirror-image, and keep in mind that the darker areas have to be kept a lighter tone, and vice versa. We were also told of the negative colours of different colours. We cheated a little because we had the technology of -gasp!- a handphone, so we could refer to the phone a bit sometimes. (Using the ‘negative’ functions of the camera.)

Below is how it looks like inverted. There are a lot of stuff that you can pick on, like the bone-like right leg of the dog, because the black in the original was painted too… strongly. The stone floor is also too grey. The original has more yellow in it. And some other details.

But I really like this because it’s like magic when you view it through the negative function of the camera, and I think it can train you to look at details more carefully and be more observant.

I would like to try another painting using a similar approach after EOYs. It’s really fun! 😀


5 thoughts on “The Inverted Dog! (painting)

  1. jezamine. says:

    Omg I think this is really cool! It’s like magic!
    It looks so good when it is inverted.

  2. Yi Jun says:

    I think that is so cool!! I think the idea of drawing an inverted drawing instead of how a person would normally draw is really interesting. I think the dog’s eyes should be drawn more proportionately though:)However, I like your painting style. I probably like the dog more or the laptop in the dog’s mouth more:D Just joking.

  3. JackiE says:

    Hehe i liked it too. Very cool concept, and surprisingly the dog looks quite normal even when in negative. It’s adorable (:

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