Lino Cut- Jailbreak!

Title: Jailbreak

(The Ninja and Robots Saves The 1.7m Jing Ting!)

Medium: Black Ink, Lino Board

Size: Around 3/4 of A3 size.

This was a Lino cut that we did after July 2009. I really really like this piece cause it’s hilarious.

It’s a self portrait, and it depicts me with a backdrop of the height thing they do in jail. I did the height thing in reference to my relatively short height. I used to be the tallest girl in class when I was younger (what happened!?), but now I’m just average/ slightly below average.  I also used the robot to cover the ‘170’ number so that it’s not so obvious that I’m trying to depict myself taller. It’s kinda like an inside joke, really. x)

It’s named Jailbreak because the ninja and robot looks like they are gonna rescue me from jail. I also like it because I have a stoic face and there are these cartoon ninjas and robots hanging around me like they are defying gravity. They look like they’re happily trying to save and deep down, I’m about to burst out in happiness but I can only manage with a “Yo.” and pretend like nothings happening in order not to attract attention from the guards. It makes the whole piece really hilarious and comical because of the contrast.

There are quite a lot of mistakes in this. Just like the Inverted Dog piece, the lino board was done in negative, so you has to be constantly aware of where you want the light and dark to be. The neck was one of the parts that I first did, that’s why I carved it all wrong. The neck turned out to be all shadows when it’s supposed to be light. I tried to save it but it still didn’t turn out too well. As for the ninja, my mom had commented that it looked more like an upside down penguin. .____. Sigh.

Also, I left my arms black cause I was afraid that there were already too many tints in the piece. The arms don’t take up a large portion, so I figured that it’ll be fine if I left it black.

I chose to use black ink cause the green and red(I think?) didn’t look strong enough. Black helps to highlight the supposed monotony of the piece. Adds to my stoic expression (Hahahaha!) and hence the contrast.

I wonder where the lino board went… if it had been left in school, I realllly hope that it didnt get thrown away, though I highly doubt that they’re still around. I’ll go check tomorrow/ after EOYs or something. And. I realise that we are only left with 3 official AEP lessons for the year! I am sad. :/


2 thoughts on “Lino Cut- Jailbreak!

  1. wuhuyumo says:

    Hi jing!Your lino print’s one of my favourite cos the background is so cute. Like you have said, I think it really contrasts with your stoic expression. I think this is actually a really good self portrait cos you are stone on the outside, yet really cool and random on the inside.

    Your face is really looks like, except i think maybe you could include more shadows to it or you’ll look as white as I am. However, i like the way you did the creases on the school uniform.

    The jailbreak, ninja, robot, speech bubble adds life to your print and at least you did not blatantly put that you are 170 because if you are, then i’ll probably be 180 ^^

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