Love Planet Earth

This is a series of works done in Nafa around mid-August. We experimented with various printing mediums before using them to make A5-sized prints under the theme of “Love Planet Earth”.

My series are mostly based around the idea of Earth being really emo, angsty and angry at humans. Actually this was inspired on a huge outburst I had the night before, so basically the work below was my very first idea and it pretty much reflected how I was feeling. (Now I understand Van Gogh!) Not about having my trees mowed off, though.

The ideas personifies Earth, such that viewers would be more likely to connect with Earth and understand her. And having such a negative attitude in the works greatly contrasts the romantic theme of “Love Planet Earth”. And by this, I hope that it can shock people into thinking more about how we’re destroying the earth. (Although A5 sizes usually don’t hold a lot of shock appeal.)

Title: The Outburst of Earth

Media: Colour Pencils, Black ink, grey paper (with the little bits of white paper), acrylic paint.

Size: A5

I like this one because in a way, it helped me get some things off my chest (again, not about trees!), and made me reflect a bit. I like the white wave patterns at the bottom (inspired by Japanese prints). I also like the rotten teeth of Earth, and the debris flying out of her mouth. It makes her seem like she’s really exploding. Like, “Look what you made me into, you people!!!!!”  Though If I could edit it, I would make her mouth slightly wider, such that it would look like it was straining. And add more flying bits of debris around to make her look even more explosive. The thick white brushstrokes at the top are kinda like winds (think tornado). I also like how Earth refered to El Nino and El Nina like they were under her.

Title: Drown Me

Media: Paper, Acrylic Paint, Ink

This was edited in Photoshop as my teacher wanted the cards to be vertical. The previous one (Outburst) is the original cause it looks better that way). Note the little chick-like figure at the bottom left. It’s so… out of context. -.- It’s there because I needed to add more “water” falling down and the original didn’t have that much space.

I don’t really like this one. It was meant to depict Earth under a waterfall. When I’m feeling really angry/down/-insert negative emotion here-, I usually sit under the shower and let the water hit my head/back (it doesn’t hurt as much as it sounds, really.) It’s quite soothing and I get to think a lot. So I wanted to put Earth under a waterfall when she’s being sad and depressed. The semi-outline of Earth is to line out the silhouette of the Earth.

But in the end my product looked more like thick paint than water. It wasn’t diluted enough. If I had to do it again, I would definitely add more water.

Title: Airplane

Media: Printing inks (I forgot the name :/), Netting, Paper.

Date:  T2W9 Saturday

This isn’t part of the Love Planet Earth Series, actually. It’s from the previous set of experimental prints we did before LPE. It’s supposed to be an airplane in the sky. I used some netting for the clouds and added a bit of water onto the print to make the cloud textures more subtle. I didn’t have any reference pictures for the plane so it ended up looking like the kinds of planes I drew when I was younger. It’s just an experimental print anyway. But I think it adds a childlike element into it, which makes it a bit playful. Well, it’s a change from the previous two angsty works. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Love Planet Earth

  1. lisalyen says:

    Jing Ting you’re so cool! Hey I’ve noticed that for about every artwork you posted there are tons of comments. How many comments do you have so far? Someone so cool huh! 🙂 You didn’t teach me how to do the link thing. ><

    Okay i'll comment seriously now.

  2. lisalyen says:

    Hey Jing Ting! I really like the the Acryllic painting of the drowning earth that you drew! I think that the way you dripped blue paint of various hues onto the paper produced a realistic “flowy” effect. I think this really brings across the message of a drowing earth as the paint resembles a waterfall cascading on to the earth. This creates a sense of movement at the same time and engages the viewers at a greater degree. I like the way the subject matter was not applied carefully, especially the way the Earth looked, as this creates a very unique and warm personal touch. It looks like something that could be found on a scrapbook. I think that is simply lovely. What I like best of this work is the nondescript words “drown me”. That is such a ingenious yet subtle way of addressing the issue, and I felt that it was very personal as well. Great job!

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