Coursework- ideas

I’m feeling a bit depressed after thinking about my prep work because I do realise that since it was completed over a period of  31hours in which I had no sleep. So. This means that my prep boards could very possibly mean that they are incomprehensible. But Ms Yap did say that they wanted more of visuals to show the process, so in my semi-conscious state, I was more aware of that. That’s why I didn’t put much emphasis on trying to link up the stuff using words. Hmmmmmm.

Nevermind. I can’t do anything now unless I can secretly find a time machine. I guess I only have Viva Voce to save me. :/

Anyway, the main point of this post was to talk about inspirations and how I actually got to the stage where I currently am now. Let’s start… at the start of the year.

I guess having done paintings and paintings and more paintings for the most of my art education, the initial response to the prospect of doing a piece of work for the next nine months would be do a painting. Yes. To remain “safe”.

But giving it some thought, I decided to make use of this opportunity to do something that I would probably never get the chance to do again. I was free to use any idea or medium. So I decided to do embroidery. After school at the bus stop one day, I saw a row of workers working at the canal. They were hauling this large, long tube in a very systematic way. It was a very visually striking image. This got me thinking about foreign workers, and somewhere along the way, I thought about the theme of Alienation.

Skip over to 1,2 months later, my idea wasn’t working out. It just didn’t click with me. So I scrapped the initial ideas, expanding ont he idea od alienation and eventually got onto “Grandparents” and there was this generation gap. It was further fueled by the elderly people I had observed around my block, as well as the Grandma incident. (Mentioned earlier in previous post.)
Expanding on the Grandparent issue, I ended up doing the work based on my relationship with my grandfather because I don’t talk to him as much as I do to my Grandmother.

So I guess this is how I got here.


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