Watched Sandcastle with my brother one or two weeks ago. Was supposed to go with Nicole but I forgot that she has yet to turn 16. ):

Let’s just jump into what I want to say. Spoilers ahead, if you’re planning to watch it. (Go! Watch! Support local talent! Haha.)

I liked how Boo Junfeng introduced the old folks’ home with a shot of the sea beside it, such that later into the film, he uses shots of the sea through the windows to tell the audience that the scene is currently at the old folks’ home.

I also did not expect En’s grandfather to pass away. It provides a slight twist. En’s grandfather is a likable character. He is a more active person, and somewhat reminds me of my grandfather. A scene in the part when En just moves into his grandparents’ house for the next 2 weeks reminds me of how generation gaps plays a huge role in the lack of communication between the 1st and 3rd generation. In this scene, En’s mother explains to Grandpa that En wouldn’t need a telephone cable because he wants to connect the internet, not the telephone. But soon after, the grandfather holds the telephone and its cable and enters En’s room to ask if he needs the cable. En is annoyed. Ha. Ha. Ha.

That really reminded me of my grandmother sometimes when she comes to my house. You can never, ever, ever tell her that you like a particular food. OR ELSE. She would constantly buy/cook that same dish until you tell her that you’re sick of it. It’s a bit mean, telling her like that. But like I said, it’s like the generation gap thing. We love each other, but we just don’t understand each other enough.

I like the movie because I agree with and can relate to many parts about the grandparents-grand child relation.

Other than that, maybe I’m not quite ready for art films yet? I didn’t really understand the use of why the director needed to many shots of the choir singing national songs, and sometimes the injection of the national songs (not the choir singing it) seemed a bit too  randomized. :/

Uhh, other than the previous paragraph, that’s what I essentially want to say, because it reminded me of my coursework.


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