Class Tees

This is the 304 class tee. Used Photoshop. Spent lots of recesses and before-assembly time on both shirt designs.

The back of tee inspirations came from the streetlights and exit sign near my grandparent’s place.

This is my 404 class tee.

The other colours:

The inspiration… was sudden. It just hit me. I am also EXTREMELY SORRY that I missed out Julie’s name!! ><

I’m not exactly quite proud of them actually. Since I could only work with 3-4 colours, the product usually turns out to be quite flat with a lack of details, cause I wasn’t sure if the printing company would charge more if there were extra details. And the photoshopping takes forever. I only learnt about Adobe Illustrator after I completed them. And AFTER the printing this year, I learnt that my brother’s friend used this CMYK printing method that only prints the 4 colours once each but the end product can still have many gradients and colours. ):


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