Title: Flower Batik

Medium: Batik Cloth, Inks, Wax

Size: 38.5cm x 39.0cm

We did batik twice last year in nafa class. This was the second assignment.

Goodness. The purple flower (top left) is the worst. I think the background (stripes and dots and whathaveyou) for each flower is kinda lame cause I was running out of time and it ended up like that ):

The sunflower was the last flower I did in this piece, and also my favourite.

We do learn from past experiences, and for this particular flower, I FINALLY played around with the layers, creating more complicated layers. It’s more colourful than the rest. The red chrysanthemum above it is my second favourite (and also the second last flower I did). I liked the details too.

Well that’s about it. Don’t really have much to say.

-Edit- (21/09/10)

This is the painting that the Batik was supposed to be based on. It’s incomplete because it was done around the EOY period, I think. And I usually end up skipping a class during that period.

Title: Flowers

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 38.5cm x 39.0cm


One thought on “Batik

  1. lisalyen says:

    AWESOME FLOWERS JING TING!So vibrant 🙂 Teach me how to do it too!

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