the making of an Idea.

This was one of the assignments done in nafa last term for the Photoshop lessons. It was somewhat free topic, I think, and since I could not think of anything nice to do, I decided to make use of it to do some coursework prep work.

So basically this was one of my initial ideas after the whole do-a-painting/cross-stitch thing when I finally ventured into the idea of doing an installation.

I had wanted to make a large, large white box, with an open doorway at the side of the front. Large bubbles with head busts inside, along with a couple of tinier empty bubbles would be hanging inside.  The inside walls of this box would be painted with underwater textures, like when you are in a swimming pool. Gurgled mumblings and underwater sounds would be softly playing in the tiny room. On the whole, it’s meant to be somewhat surreal and calming.

This stemmed from the idea of having miscommunication and not being able to understand other people when talking underwater. The heads represented the elderly. The entire feel of this room would be to give the viewer of being underwater, and attempts of people trying to talk underwater. (You can’t understand what people are saying underwater, hence the idea of miscommunication.)

Call me a romantic. Sigh. I had imagined that the installation would be in a corner of one of those large, clean, quiet, air-conditioned (not blindingly) white rooms sans NAFA exhibition rooms, where the viewer would be given the time and conducive environment to appreciate works. (It honestly is embarrassing to actually type this out here. Sense tells me that I am never going to get large air-conditioned rooms in school to exhibit my work. Now that I think of it, the SAC. the SAC is actually a place I might be able to work… HMMM. Nah it’s kinda late to changed ideas now.. But just a thought. Okgetgoingwithmonologuenow!)

But still, given that I was still in the stage whereby I’m still churning all sorts of ideas, this idea still stuck in my mind. So fine, scrape the air-conditioning, and the LARGE room. Maybe I could make one myself. But past observations (i.e. the Senior Who Made the Black Box) told me that I would take years to make a large box and leave me insufficient time to make the contents inside.


I removed my box, and TADA!

I have the basis of my current work-in-progress.

So now my bubbles are floating in air. Hence inside of making the bubbles at eye-level, I plan to make the bubbles slowly lift up into the air, like they’re floating away. It emphasises the growing distance between grandchild and grandparent and how the younger generation is sometimes unable to understand the older generations, how we eventually drift apart.


On a side note:

An ironic (contradicting?) thing is that my coursework is talking about the gaps between grandchild and grandparent, yet because of this very coursework, I work and interact more with my grandfather, gradually closing that very gap between grandparent and grandchild.


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