It was really fun.

Title: Fruit Platter

Medium: Fruits, Almond Jelly, Jellybeans, Toothpicks

Size: The size of a hami melon.

This is the best assignment I’ve ever been assigned to do.

The above is (was) our final product. The train decided to leave the man and migrate to his Other Half (the melon).

I don’t like almond jelly but turns out it didn’t taste that bad.

I liked the venue, with the mats and background music (yes bg music. trust mr c to do that.) It was was a rather laid-back affair. And it was also quite interesting to see what the other groups came up with. I liked the brownie version of the Montien Boonma’s Temple of the Mind (Linsha, Shufang, Yi Jun).

We did it (as in prepared the food) on Tuesday at Jac’s house, along with Keer and Jezamine, ate fruit, ate (LOTS OF) soba (they bought 6 packs) and i think their dish was really pretty. I dont have a clear photo of it, though. SAD RIGHT. and there will never be another same one again cause it’s all in our stomachs (WE SPENT 2 HOURS EATING IN MID-AFTERNOON. like. 3pm-5pm? Awesome.)

My blog is becoming not very formal. Oh dear.


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