Amongst other random things

This is an art-related rambling. If you are Mr Chang/Ms Yap who’s gonna mark the e-portfolio, please skip this post. 😀 Thank you.

Freshly Pressed!

has been proven to be a source for many… … things. In a good way. (  I am not good with words. Inspirations? Screw this intro. Bah. )

Haha. In fact so far most of my R and R articles come from WordPress’ homepage.

But anyway,

I came across this post.

Which I believe is what most of us should be doing. At least for coursework. At least well, for me.

(-point arrows point-)

So stop trying to hit (the jackpot idea) and HIT IT.

Which means that I should hurry and grab hold of my grandfather’s head to cast it soon before he goes to Malaysia again! Like he says, “我的头又不在你怎么做。”


and then i saw this.

Ok, so that large drippy hill of colourful clothes caught my eye. Sorry, I just had to share that Large Drippy Hill of  Colourful Clothes.

Nvm. Look at this:

Sometimes, I feel like we’re like in 1: 55- 2:30.

Esp 2:30.

Lastly, we also have the Old Spice Man.




4 thoughts on “Amongst other random things

  1. Amongst other random things…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. shufang says:

    lol this is so funny! but the whole commercial is really quite brilliant. seems like a potential inspiration for future great works relating to film and video

  3. shufang says:

    Anyway i forgot to add that i really really want to do a stop motion film since forever. ok i lied. But anyway i wanted to do it since you showed me the one on the bed last time. I love that! Ok i really will make one for my next coursework. Such inspiring videos you show 😀

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