Food Assignment Proposal

Dish: Fruit Platter


Artist: Rene Margritte

Artistic Link:

Our designed food aims to bring together elements in four of Rene Magritte’s paintings, which are Son of Man (1964), Time Transfixed (1938), Golconda (1953) and Personal Values (1952).

The honeydew would resemble the face of the painting in “Son of Man”, done by Rene Magritte. In the middle of the honeydew, the blue and white jelly mix would represent the background in the painting “Personal Value of Rene Magritte”. This inverse relation (where the background becomes the centre piece in the food) is also reflecting Rene Magritte’s idea of inversing and putting strange things together.

The grapes stuck onto toothpicks is to represent the many men in the sky in the painting “Golconda”. The thick cubes of chocolate forming a train is to resemble the train in his painting, “Time Transfixed”, where the train is seen to come out of the wall.

Our entire composition of the food is basically a mash-up of Magritte’s famous paintings, in order to convey the message of unconventionality and surrealism

Artist Influences:
Basically our food item will be influenced by the artist’s various paintings, namely:

Son of Man, 1964

Time Transfixed, 1938

Golconda, 1953

Personal Values, 1952

– 1 honeydew
– blue and white jelly
– green apple
– jellybeans
– chocolate
– cubes of fruit

1. Cut a large honeydew in half. On that half, draw the outline of a man wearing a bowler hat. (reference of Son of Man).

2. Using a spoon, dig out the flesh of the honeydew within the outline we drew. About 4 cm deep. We now have a honeydew with a hole in it shaped like a man’s head and hat.

3. Fill up to approximately 3.5cm depth of the cut-out depression with some sky blue jelly mix. Before blue jelly hardens, pour some white jelly mix to form swirls (using toothpicks to swirl them around), to draw clouds. (This background is based on Personal Values.)

4. Using a satay stick, spear half the apple and stick it into the jelly. It shall resemble Son of Man from bird’s eye view.

5. Spear jellybeans with toothpicks. Poke these ‘men’ right under the umbrella, around them, etc. Melt chocolate chips and stick them on top of the jellybeans. They shall resemble the men in Golconda. Face not necessary. This men shall look like they are having a picnic! we can make a tiny red and white picnic cloth too 😀

6. Using thick cubes of fruits, build a train (reference to Time Transfixed). Assemble the fruits to form the carriages and the engine! Train goes on top the honey dew, along the circumference of the fruit.

7. Drizzle melted chocolate to draw train tracks.


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