SAM visit

My American cousin’s here! We haven’t seen Melinda in 7 years. But she looks the same. So anyway, we went to her house on Thursday and Melinda wanted to see the museums in Singapore, so within 15 min it was set that we would meet again in an hour’s time (after lunch) and my brother and I would bring her to Bras Basah where most museums were.


45 mins later, her mum called and turns out that she became sick and couldn’t go. ):

Dang. So our impromptu date with her didn’t work out. However my brother and I were still stuck in the going out mood so we decided to head out and buy shoes for my brother. We ended up in Bugis, and decided to go to SAM and 8Q. Hah.

Paratroopers, Miyamoto Saburo, 1943, oil on canvas, 112 x 162 cm

Paratroopers- Miyamoto Saburo

I like this painting. At first sight, the spotlight leads you to the centre of the painting (below), with the jellyfish-like white translucent parachutes landing on the grass. It gives you a floaty, dreamy feel.

Paratroopers (zoom middle)

However if you look at the rest of the painting, especially the bottom, you realise that it’s all bloody warfare.

Androgenie- Baby Rabbit, David Chan, 2009, Mixed Media, 115 x 95 x 28 cm

The idea is of “scientific experimentation gone awry”, a “social commentary on urban lifestyle and behavior”.

This is a twisted idea of experimentation, about how we’ve perhaps been dabbling in too much technology and advancements to the extent that we’ve been changed, like the baby-rabbit. I think this is somewhat morbid, morphing two things we usually associate with “cute” into a rabbit-headed baby and it is presented in a matter-of-fact manner.

Speaking of rabbits, we met Walter, the rabbit that roams around spaces in Singapore. He’s so cute.

Walter- Dawn Ng

There’s an Art Garden going on at 8Q. Meant for the Children’s Season. It lasts 14 May- 18 July 2010. $5.00 admission for local students. Free admission on Fridays, 6pm-9pm.

I would recommend going there. There’s the interactive works, Funky Forest and Daisies, where trees grow and flowers die when you step on them. If you’ve read it on the newspapers, you’d know what I mean. And there’s also the moving image gallery. Lots of nice short clips that my brother and I missed cause we went in too late. Dang. (a really good reason as to why you should go there early. First screening starts at 10.30am.) We only got to watch a part of Apple & Ei, Blackboard Whiteshoes and Alphabet Soup. I liked Blackboard Whiteshoes.


2 thoughts on “SAM visit

  1. nicole94 says:

    jing! did you really pay for the entrance? for nanyang students its supposedly free…. mm…

    • Oh no as in for SAM, it’s free admission for local students. But for this particular 8Q Children’s Season exhibition, it costs $5. I think it’s only for this particular exhibition cause the previous time i went there (pretty long ago), it was free.

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