Matthew Ngui- Point of View

How does Point of View require audience’s participation?

How is the text “site-specific”?

For the audience to understand what the work is about, they have to position themselves in a certain angle such that they can see the sentence, “YOU ARE ALWAYS IN TRANSIT”. Hence it requires audience participation.

The text is site specific as it is placed in Mass Rapid Transport  (MRT) stations, thus commuters would be the ones seeing this work. The work speaks to these people, telling them that they are always in movement. When parts of the sentence are viewed from another point, the words are stretched, which resembles what we see as the train pulls away from the station.

This text is site specific as it is relevant to the site, and the audience is able to relate to it, given that it talks about transport, the movement of people and relates to what we experience and see in the MRT.


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