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Facial mask

Mask I

I casted my friend’s face using plaster on Wednesday. (thanks shan!)


Photo spam!


I like this.

20 cents water dispenser

And this too because it is simple.


this was a surprise.

neighbour's wedding

neighbour's wedding

Gatherings always include the Mass of Shoes.


i'll be fishing.

clarke quay



Matthew Ngui- Point of View

How does Point of View require audience’s participation?

How is the text “site-specific”?

For the audience to understand what the work is about, they have to position themselves in a certain angle such that they can see the sentence, “YOU ARE ALWAYS IN TRANSIT”. Hence it requires audience participation.

The text is site specific as it is placed in Mass Rapid Transport  (MRT) stations, thus commuters would be the ones seeing this work. The work speaks to these people, telling them that they are always in movement. When parts of the sentence are viewed from another point, the words are stretched, which resembles what we see as the train pulls away from the station.

This text is site specific as it is relevant to the site, and the audience is able to relate to it, given that it talks about transport, the movement of people and relates to what we experience and see in the MRT.


2902- Feb 20

I’m not used to using WordPress. it is weird.

anyhow, in a fit of boredom and impulsiveness, I dragged my brother to Old School the other day (20th feb) after a failed day of shopping for Graces dress and his shirts for an upcoming dinner. It was boring (the shopping).

the gallery was named after the date it opened.

We went to 2902 gallery, where this exhibition was on:

presentation | representation 6 Feb 10 – 13 Mar 10
This is a collection of images depicting the deconstruction of conventional landscape. Evoking a sense of romanticism and avant-gardism, it is the personal self-interpretation of landscapes and a reflection of the emerging state-of-the-art innovations of photography.

But. I wasn’t too interested by that. I was more interested by the intimate series of photography of various artists at their most private moments. In the artist’s statement, it was something about artists constantly presenting a well-practiced image of self-presentation to others that do not reveal their true self. Yet these photographs were captured by the German (i think the artist is German) when they were most deep-in-thought. When they realise that the camera is on them, there is a sense of self-awareness.

I like the concept of catching people in their most private moments and evoking that caught-in-action-almost-clumsy sudden sense of self-awareness, versus capturing someone with the honed and practiced image of one’s self-projection. It’s like catching a person who is half in-half out of his very private world, and there’s this sense of confusion and awareness of oneself.

Unfortunately I am only continuing a draft written in on March 1, recounting an event that occurred on Feb 20, and it is currently April 2. Then, I had planned to continue with the draft the next day. But I forgot and only just noticed it. This is horrible. I didn’t manage to get much details on it and can’t remember the artist’s/series name. To tell the truth I don’t have the habit of remembering the artist/work title. I read the description and look at the work. I only remember the images. ARGH.

I will learn from this lesson to take note of the artist’s name/ work’s name in future exhibitions etc.

Aye. ):

we passed by this sculpture as we left. I do not know its name. But I like the use of the vibrant red. It suits the emotion.


Graces logo

Graces original

This it’s the Graces logo I drew for…  next year’s Graces. Sigh.

Anyway, I really like the idea for it. This is one of the few works I did whereby I immediately knew exactly how I wanted it to be when the theme was given (or rather, when I started thinking about it).

When I thought of Graces, I thought of a girl who was breaking out of her boundaries. Graces is about transforming from a girl to a young lady. It’s a very fresh, exciting thing.  So I wanted to give off the vibe of excitement, freshness, youth and gracefulness and roll it all into one. When I think of grace, I think of dance, I think of ballet (and also a certain friend of mine). Water is cool and refreshing. I love splashes. Hence, came forth the girl bursting out of water in an air of gracefulness.

However, I feel that the water could be more um, explosive to give more energy. The girl’s skirt (on the left) could also be flying slightly higher to give a more energized look. And Mr Chang said that the font for Graces could be bigger. I guess I couldn’t let go enough to erase the splash and scrawl “GRACES” across it. I didn’t want to spoil it.

I’ll upload the final (with colour) when I get the file from the mac lab.

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