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Shan’s birthday present

That’s a birthday present I made for my friend in Janurary. It’s about 22.5cm (width) x 25cm (height). Took me 7 hours straight to do. Fortunately there wasn’t any homework due the next day. I used wood, acrylic paint, UHU glue, cross-stitch cloth + thread, glass bottle and coloured paper.

I got the idea when I went to JB during the December holidays, and saw this handmade wooden ship. So I thought I’d try. But my product is way simpler than the one was saw, cause I didn’t have enough time. :/

The wood was bought from Daiso, while the bottle was some apple vinegar drink from NTUC. The cross stitch materials came from my aunt who gave them to me many  years ago.

First I hacked out a hole for the bottle with a penknife. Then my dad came along and taught me a more efficient way of hacking a hole. It took about 1-2h to do? Luckily the wood was relatively soft, or i might have taken a week. Just kidding. x)

I used the nail filer from the nail clipper to file the sides of the cut wood to make them smoother.

Initially I had planned to drill a hole though the board to stick the pole in, but given the time i was doing this (about 1am), it isn’t wise to do so. You wouldn’t want neighbours knocking on your door at 1am in the morning, so i sawed the pole in  half (bad idea), and stuck the shorter half between the two boards, and glued the longer half upright on the upper board. The sawing-pole-in-half turned out to be a bad idea cause it was too heavy and kept falling. Miraculously, about 1 hour before I gave the present to my friend, it finally stood! (But later she told me that it fell. == Forgot to warn her.)

The boards have been painted dark blue and striped light blue and yellow. At first I only wanted to paint the upper board yellow, but it seemed too plain. So I added the striped blue.

The sail is a cross stitch design. Glued it to the pole. I’d admit that the cross stitch could be done better but… since I’m such a procrastinator, I only started the ship the day before Shan’s brithday. >< So I was running out of time and didn’t really do a good job for the cross stitch part. I should really have better time management. It’s so easy to be distracted. D:

I left the folding of the stars to be done in the morning. It filled up to about half the bottle. Then i added this note into the bottle. So it’s like those kind of message-in-a-bottle thing. I must also thank Shufang, Lisa Lee, Jac and Hui Ling for helping with the folding of stars. Especially Shufang. Thanks! 😀

Overall, I like the ship because it’s simple and colourful. I felt happy as I was doing it cause I like using my hands to make stuff.  And maybe it’s because after working at something for so long you get this sense of relief and contentedness when you’re done. (: But if i had more time, i would drill a hole to stick the sail-pole through. Makes it more stable. I would also add more details like a shell, anchor or steering wheel.

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