Expired Film

Found some expired colour film and decided to try them out. These are some of the photos that I’d taken over the past year or so:


Motherland Chronicles I- zemotion

Did a painting for Melinda’s birthday!

Sent it over to USA with her mom (: Here’s a closeup:


Here’s the link to the reference picture.

Feeling a bit rusty with the paintbrushes, I was only satisfied with her back.


Went out to use some black and white film! These were mostly taken in 2009

This was taken in Aug 09, when the flowers were in full bloom. It was BEAUUUUTIFUL. I was about to take a picture of that when I realised that a man on a bike was about to enter the frame, so I waited for the right moment before I clicked the shutter

Here’s is a picture of me taking a photo of my bro at the piano, through the window.

At the park

My bro at the kitchen table

Test Tubes + Cooking

I’m about to get a couple of recycled test tubes from the lab, now that our chem pracs are over!! Not sure exactly what I’ll be doing with them, but it’s not everyday that you get test tubes, so I decided to get them since my class will be donating them to the chem lab. Some inspiration will come about, I’m sure. Planning to do something as a graduation gift for my friends, I hope. (:

Meanwhile I have also been cooking! Watching videos from sortedfood.com. Go check them out, their videos are easy to follow and are about 4-5 mins. 


Floorball never fails to lift my spirits, no matter how tiring it was. ((:

It’s been quite a journey, considering that most of us didn’t even come from a sports background! Fast forward a year, and we’re all getting As for ours 2.4km runs!! AMAAAAZINGG. A year ago I was still getting Cs haha

Today’s match was a really a good closure to end off the season. I think I only really started to enjoy the game in the last few minutes, when there were 7:28 mins left, and I knew that all we had to do was to keep the ball in our possession, on the other side, and this match was ours. 7:28 mins to play the game I  usually do during trainings, to honestly feel no fear. At 2 mins when our defender was using all her strength to shove her stick against opponent’s stick for the ball, when I picked up the ball from the back of the net as they held the ball stationary, and threw the ball out to Shannon, did I remember that this is how I played during trainings. This is how much more I can make a difference, to help our team, and this is how I had fun and enjoyed the game. This is why I enjoy being goalie. Making a difference as an individual, pressing on, working together and knowing that everyone is with you, left, right, center, and knowing that we will get the shot in together. Oh, the love.

Our season ends here. There’s still so much to learn and improve on, to complete spectacular games. I wish we could have more match experience to play, more tournaments to go through together. We would have clinched it. But again, winning was really just a bonus, I really enjoyed the game today, and I’m sure it’s the same for the rest of us.

Goes without saying, we’ll miss this!


What a Friday with so many unexpected turns today!

Clocked in a personal best for 2.4 today,it’s mind-blowing to have concrete proof on your hands showing how much we have improved in less than a year. Coach is always saying that we’re now fit and now it shows on black-and-white proof! All those the initial omg-is-the-guy-crazy uphills, the 7-more-to-go,-7-more-to-go stairs, the 3x3s, the insane please-can-you-please-stop-it-now Supermans has really paid off!! I honestly never thought that I’d ever get an A-timing for 2.4, but here we are! This could be the fittest I would ever be in my life, but it sure proved to me that hard work and perseverance (with all the mind psycho-I-can-do-this-I’ve-done-worse-ing) does indeed pay off. I’M SO PROUD OF US ALL.

Met Nerice on the way to SRC, and ended up helping her to spray paint banners. Then Meizhen and Lisa H came along. I really enjoyed doing the works- playing with spray paint and using discarded boards as stencils, interpreting the children’s drawings and translating them onto the banners. Just having the chance to work my imagination freely helped to make my day. (:

CNY 2012

Taken with expired Porta 160 VC film

11S7N Magazine Cover

1 cover page

Weiqing’s on a magazine cover!

Designed this magazine cover for my class’s Chinese magazine publication. The photo was taken on one of our class outings, and the candid shot of Weiqing laughing pretty much summed up my class’s personality, so I decided to use it as a cover. (:

My pencilcase just died!! BUT it was a great excuse to make a new one! So I gathered my batik inks and rainbow-dyed my raw canvas. Bought some zippers from Daiso, waited for the canvas to dry over the next two days, sewed them together and tadahhh I have a new pencil case!